How can I identify a fake watch?

Today, thanks to the constant development of technology, very high quality products can be manufactured. Of these products, the watch industry has suffered the most and is the most prone to self-denial. Most original companies use 904L steel in the case of watches. Due to the reduced cost of processing very high quality steel, we use the highest quality 904L steel in all our products. This is one of the most important factors that makes it almost impossible to distinguish a replica watch today. Two watches made from the same raw material. Another important point is the glass used. We use sapphire glass in all our replica watches. The most important feature of sapphire glass is that it is scratch-resistant. This way, your watch will always look as new as the first day. In a mechanical watch, the second hand sweeps forward. Yes, we use automatic movements in our replica watches, just like the original company. All of these are the same features that we use in our original watches.

Nowadays, most original companies use white solid gold, not 904l steel. As you know, gold is a very valuable and very expensive mineral. Original companies want to increase the value of their watches by using gold. So, when we say that Original watches are expensive, the answer is ready. The second way is that the original companies write the reference number on the back of the machines they use so that they keep a record of each watch. Imitation watches do not have such serial numbers on their machines. There is another very interesting point I would like to mention. The biggest reason why original companies sell very expensive watches is because of the very high cost of advertising.

Men are the target audience for original watches. That’s why they appeal to men’s psyches and dreams. The biggest factor that men like sports is the struggle there. According to the male psyche, the winner of the struggle is entitled to continue the activity of his species. It is for this reason that we are sure to see watch advertisements at various sporting events. The reason for watch advertising at artistic events is that men want to reveal their imagination in detail and stimulate the feeling of ownership. What I would like to emphasise briefly is that they spend an incredible amount of money on advertising. The biggest expense for Original is advertising. When you buy an Original watch, you are effectively buying advertising for their company. The fact is that original watches cost very little, but you are not just buying the watch, you are getting a lot of advertising that doesn’t work for you. If the imitation watch company spent that much money on advertising, you would believe that they would be just as expensive as the same original watch.